Arica Christesen

Hey Sistas - 


My name is Arica Christensen and I am the current president of the Epsilon Gamma chapter of Gamma Phi Beta for the 2019 year at the University of San Diego.


I am so excited to hold this leadership position and be a part of a sorority where the women that comprise it are ones of fiery passion and dedication to many things on and off campus. Since joining GPhi I have found myself becoming inspired daily being around these amazing women who are truly unique individuals. The women in Gamma Phi each bring out a different part of me and I am supported in every aspect of my life through it all. 


I was unsure if I wanted to join a sorority when first coming to USD but once the second semester rolled around I had no doubt I wanted to be more involved on campus and in the San Diego community. From my first days in Gamma Phi, I immediately knew I was in the right place and was overwhelmed with the support and feeling of “home.”  


Growing up all over the country, constantly moving, was never the easiest but my older sister, who became my best friend, made it so much easier because I knew no matter where we lived or what we went through we could always count on each other. Since joining Gphi I have found the same ease of mind knowing the girls surrounding me will be friends for life, looking past college I know these girls will be by my side in good times and bad. Gamma Phi has comprised some of my most memorable and happy college days. 



During my time in this sorority, I have found myself growing and learning in ways I could have never imagined. I feel honored to be in this position where I can hopefully motivate and inspire my sisters around me. I hope that everyone can have an opportunity to experience a sisterhood like ours. We can’t wait to meet a new wave of students in Recruitment 2020. 


Love in IIKE


Madam President 2019