Lauren del Rosario 

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Hello Everyone! 


I am Lauren del Rosario, the Membership Vice President of the Epsilon Gamma Chapter of Gamma Phi Beta. My role as MVP is leading the chapter in Informal Recruitment in the Spring/Fall of 2021 as well as Primary Recruitment in 2022. I hope to make this experience as best as possible so we can get to know your true, authentic self. I am so excited to welcome you with open arms to our Panhellenic community here at USD! 


Gamma Phi Beta has given me so much during my time in college. I am most thankful for how this chapter has helped me grow into the woman I am today. Growing up, my mom would always say “Make sure to surround yourself with good people.” And I can confidently say I have done that here in Gamma Phi. The endless support and love that I have found in this community is truly irreplaceable. 


Gamma Phi has also given my favorite memories with my favorite people. From sisters who will drive with you to coffee at 6am before an exam, to sisters who will let you sleep on their couch when you have nowhere else to stay, I know I can turn to anyone in a moment’s notice. These women are not just friends for four years, they are friends for a lifetime. Being in this sisterhood has been an amazing light amongst this time we are all living in. Even though there is so much uncertainty these days, Gamma Phi Beta has been a constant in my life. I cannot wait until we are able to be together again on campus!


I have countless stories about the girls I call my sisters; but, instead of going on about how amazing they are, I would love to share this experience with you! Throughout the year, leading to 2022 Primary Recruitment, I invite you all to our Gamma Phi Beta meet and greet events. Primary recruitment may seem a bit intimidating, but just take a deep breath. We’ve all been in your shoes before! I remember I could not stop shaking because I was a nervous wreck. I really encourage you to take that first step and be yourself, you never know where it will take you. It could bring you to a home away from home like it did for me. I am over the moon to have this opportunity to meet all of you, hope to talk soon! 


Love in IIKE, 

Lauren del Rosario

Membership Vice President