There is something about all the girls in GPhi that stood out to me. I don't know if it is their kindness, generosity or just simply everyone is always looking out for each other but it's so contagious. I notice it in everyone even though we are all such different people. It's why I chose GPhi in the first place. I wanted to have that too.


The reason I love being a member of Gphi is because the more people I actually meet and get to know, the more I realize how many incredibly special and loving humans are in our chapter, which just fills my heart with joy!



Coming from the Midwest and not knowing many people at USD, I can honestly say the most genuine connections I've made in college have been through Gamma Phi. Joining Gphi was the best decision I've ever made because I feel it is where I can be my true self and live up to my full potential all while having fun and making memories with my best friends. Gphi has changed my college experience in so many ways and has opened up my mind to what it means to be a strong woman and loyal friend.


I was nervous at first coming into USD being a transfer student, but during rush I knew I had found my home in Gphi and was immediately welcomed. Gphi is home to the most amazing girls and friendships; I am so happy to be a member.



I joined Gamma Phi because I felt that I could be completely myself with each girl, even during recruitment. Every person I meet is kind and welcoming, but also not afraid to be themselves and encourage others to do the same. -Leslie